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As one of the world's largest steel conglomerates, Tata Steel has always been an innovation-driven company that is constantly creating new products while caring for the communities it serves.

A shining testament to this is Tata Steel's Graphene business, developed from its own technology material incubation and the winner of the coveted Tata Innovista Award in 2015. The division has since then been coming up with applications and solutions to make this technology incubation into a profitable technology led business.

In 2019, the Graphene business embarked on its commercial journey by integrating with Tata Steel's New Materials Business Division. And in FY22 was born Tata WONDRA, the umbrella brand under which Tata Steel's Graphene business is marketed, contributing to more than 70% of the total revenue.

Staying true to the word it has been derived from - 'wonder', Tata WONDRA is a game-changer in Conveyance Solutions viz.HDPE Pipes, PVC & CPVC Pipes & Fittings, Coating Solutions comprising Paints, Primer, Putty, Industrial, Heat-resistant and PU Coatings, and Construction Solutions like White Adhesives and HEATX Adhesives.