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SWR Pipes & Fittings

Wondra Soil, Waste & Rain Water Drainage system pipe is an ideal choice for ensuring effcient & proper drainage without blockage & leakage. These SWR pipes are widely used for commercial, industrial, housing and public sector developments and available in solvent weld as well as push-fit options along with wide range of fittings. It has been design considering factors like quicker and leakage proof joint having effcient waste water removal.

Areas of Application

  • In area of rain water and drainage waste transmission: Most common application of SWR pipes are to carry drainage and rain waste water for both internal and external application.

Product Benefits

  • Thread and Solvent free joint: Due to its rubber ring push-fit technology there is no further requirement of thread or solvent cement to joint pipes.
  • Easy to install: It’s light and solvent free joints makes installation process quite easier.
  • Resistance to chemicals, corrosion & abrasion: Wondra SWR pipes are chemical and corrosion resistant. This property of our SWR pipes makes it ideal for sewer and drainage transmission applications.
  • UV resistant: Wondra SWR pipes & fittings are made using UV- Resistant materials, ensuring they don’t lose their mechanical properties even under greater exposure to sunlight, which advances its application for external plumbing with temperature resistance up to 60 degree.
Our different SKU’s for SWR pipes is

Available Configurations

TATA Wondra SWR pipes are manufactured according to IS 13592 and are tested by relevant certifying standards that endorses its suitability for drainage & rain waste water transmission.