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In 1970, in a small factory next to Levata, Raccorderie Metalliche was set up, starting from the sales of galvanized joints and welded elbows. The company received the most important order on July 1st, the same year: Rosanna, the young Guido, an employee from Fargas and Benito were working day and night to set up the order and deliver within the defined terms. Everything was smooth as agreed as to get the first money to instil trust and confidence in the company. Quite rapidly the product range was supplemented by a small customized production which in time would have been widened.

Improvement means: less time, safer performance, maximum yield. That is the company mission at the civil, industrial and naval level. The company strongly believes in the professional growth of installers and it defined modes to ease their growth. Since the beginning, the company supported 5 million installers all over the world, and we are working to double our market share by 2025.

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