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There was a time when bathrooms were seen as a mere utility, but now a days these are more so as a personal space to commune with oneself. Just like our consumers, we too have been evolving. Our endeavour to introduce products and solutions that ease the consumer's life. We intend to provide functionally led high performance, thoughtful products for our consumers. Our brand, driven by innovation and design, is the preferred choice of today's age millennials.

We are a leading supplier of cistern flush tank, flush tank, flushing cistern, wall hung cistern, wall hung cistern tank and cistern flush plates from Delhi, India.

viega cistern tank

Touchless / Infrared

viega cistern tank

Flushplate with after glow

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Modern with Technical Ingenuity

Flush Plates

You design your bathroom as a living space and use state-of-the-art technology as your inspiration. While making sure that high-quality materials, design, haptic of an equally high standard with no compromises in any area, including the flushplate. Visign for More is at home in any bathroom surroundings, providing highest levels of functional safety, ease of use and unique living comfort.

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