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All the Drainage System products we provide are made of Polyolefin pipes which show the lowest abrasion compared to other materials due to a very low surface roughness (approximately 0.007 mm). Due to this, PP pipes have excellent hydraulic capacity, allowing them to drain waste water even at low gradients Our products are enviornment friendly as these are made to cater the nosie pollution. Airborne noise – comes from pipelines and is generated by wastewater flowing inside. In this case, a soundproof drainage and wastewater system should limit the propagation of airborne noise and keep it inside the pipes. This is achieved by using a specially formulated material (using minerals), a triple layer pipe structure, high manufacturing processes and proper installation. All of our Drainage system products are lightweight, making them easy to handle. Both the push-fit ring seal method and the Thread-lock with O-ring method install quickly and easily, seal completely, and save time.